Re-discovering a passion

Being an ordinary girl from the Shire - Devonshire, England, I was tempted to add 'Hobbit' to the title. But of course this journey, my journey has not been fore-walked by Bilbo or Frodo.
I began to write seriously four years ago after the realisation that I must look way back, to my childhood to 'remember' what it was that put fire in my belly.  I was a single parent, working two jobs. And, if i'm honest, the mundane grind, lack of security and emptiness that had replaced my magic, made me take a long and hard look at what was missing.
So one day, list at the ready, I closed my eyes and transported myself back to the age of 8...and I saw myself sitting inside my home-made bedouin tent beneath my sister's bunk, holding a copy of Alice in Wonderland.
It reminded me of Bastian, hiding in hs school's attic with the stolen book, emersed in the words that jumped from it's pages. I was Bastian. Not just reading a book, but living it and almost dreaming whilst awake.
Not long after that epiphany I recall reading this quote - “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”
Albert Einstein
It made perfect sense that I'd reverted to that which made me smile as a child. All those journey's I'd been on, alone as a human, yet surrounded by the limitless stream of characters imaginable....and so there it began.


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