Patience and Attitude

Patience and Attitude

I couldn't agree more. Apart from when I'm seething that nothing is happening! Waiting for a positive response to a submission - is like waiting for christmas when your'e five years old. But christmas morning is a certainty, even if you did hide your dinner under the dog bed or pinch your younger sister for getting more attention than you. Hearing the news you crave from a publisher or agent - is not! 

And so, rather than putting your life on hold, walking around taking only half a breath at a time and checking your e-mails with such over-repetition that you feel like you are losing your have to let go to some degree. My take - if it's meant to be, then it will be. That's not to say that you shouldn't continue to network or work hard at getting noticed, but you need to find the balance between your desire for that  - one yes - and letting go enough, before it consumes your every waking (and dreaming) thought, which enevitably can take you to the brink of emotional exhaustion. 

Which brings me to my next quote:

Never put your life on hold. You will have family, animal-friends (and human ones) and a world out there to continue to be a part of and enjoy. I think Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow once said - It's not the problem which is the problem, it's your attitude to the problem which is the problem (or words to that effect). Great advice!

Have a great day everyone and remember to breathe, smile, laugh and is only yesterdays desire and tomorrow never really comes, so live this moment to the full.


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