Added - Removed - Added and finally Removed

“Come forth from the skies,
In sheets of silver and white,
To undulate from Earths womb.
And carry from South to West,
North to East,
That life may be given fair game.

Oh sweet breath, Of heavenly wind,
Come settle, O’er mothers’ brow,
And bring flowing, her nectar, 
From the sky ,Ever bind
Her tears to her bow.”

This poem was originally in the first chapter of Asgourer Awakes, but after much deliberation, and with the sound advice of my editor - it was removed. We both understood that it added nothing to the chapter...and if you are a writer, of any sorts, you will understand what I mean when I say 'Casting out intricately woven ideas and sentences can often feel like losing a limb.'

However, it's a necessary part of writing. (not losing a limb of course) And at some point during your creative moment of genius, you will have to lose some old friends. The period of grieving is pleasantly brief and the more you accept it, the more you do it...the easier it will get. The truth is, sometimes things just don't work, no matter how beautifully crafted or the hours it took to piece it together. If it doesn't enhance your story in any shape or form then lose it, just look the other way first.

Keep those chins up fellow authors and lovers of the written word...and remember do not hoard, it will lead to a visit from either your local council or worse, a literary exterminator.


  1. Literary exterminator - ha ha! Every writer should have one ...


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