Influences and Writing

Influences and Writing


-Have a quick listen.


The Seal Lullaby by Eric Whitacre, taken and influenced by Rudyard Kiplings poem of the same name.






Already you see how life influences life. 

I first heard the above piece of music on Classic FM, whilst driving. It's haunting sound made me take notice of who it belonged to...and, after listening to only a few had given me an idea for my book.  It was as simple as that.

Once, I would have considered this some kind of moral plagiarism. That if the idea did not come entirely from ones own consciousness, that it didn't really belong to you.

Of course, that is total nonsense.

Every musician, poet, author. Every man, woman and child will form their personalities, traits, desires and decisions - based on how other things made them feel, what they have seen and heard...what stirs the soul. No living thing, I feel, is free of influence from life around us. It's how we mould and sculpt ourselves.

Tolkienn was deeply connected to nature. He spent a lot of time on the moors here in Devon, Wistmans Woods (Dartmoor) in particular.  I know the moors well and I can see where the Ents were born to him. The dark, tightly packed forests on the edges of sparse and rambling heaths, which offer only an eerie sense of fear at their borders...the large juts of rock which look as though they hide more beneath the grounds surface. I see his influence with my own eyes and it has opened them.


We take much of life around us for granted. Instead, gulping it down and never really tasting it. 

If there is one thing you do today, let it be that you take more notice and let it influence your creativity. 

Tune your ears, widen your eyes, smell the invisble and feel the life in the air. The world really is full of undiscovered, inert magic...waiting for your attention to bring it to life.

Have a great day...and make every day an adventure.


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