Musical influences

I will post some links of the music which has inspired my own writing.

Just as an image does, whether it be a still or something real and infront of you - music has a profound ability to draw out a side in your creativity which most of us never knew was there.

When writing I am generally drawn to music that haunts, and stirs the soul like a big warm soup.  Sometimes it will be melancholic hues I listen to, ones that make me feel as though I have to accomplish a task when evil is prevailing, seeking out an ancient wisdom that is fraught with danger and uncertainty, or search for a captured loved one in an inhospitable wilderness - who only I can save. It all combines my brain and heart in one big gooey mixture which puts me at the beginning of something big... and thats when the magic happens. 

Gypsy/folk music is another wooden spoon for me. Stirring up idealistic images and emotions of a time lost, of freedom and nomadic harmony with the world...of raw and rustic love, untainted by modern, social constraints.

So, the next time you listen to a piece of music, whether it be old or new...close your eyes, quieten your mind and dig deep for the meaning of how it affects you. You may be pleasantly surprised.

The following are a measly example of what I have listened to recently...but they are all uniquely beautiful.

(Ben Howard - Esmerelda)

(First Aid Kit - Wolf)  

(Fleetwood Mac - Black Magic Woman)  

(The Seal Lullaby by Eric Whitacre)

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I'm a bit crap at tech stuff. It's a wonder I've managed to create a blog at all! 

Strike that and reverse it! (Willy Wonker)
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