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Storytellers Connect The Past And Future

Storytellers around the world, past and present, and in particular native cultures - held, and still hold the future lessons of their generations through their often wisdom ripe ancient tales.

Sadly in many western cultures, and for a long period of time this art form all but disappeared.
Though there does seem to be some light of late. It would seem that there is a revival on the horizon, mostly advocated by those who have already survived their teens and have suddenly opened to the realities of what our world is becoming - a world driven by money, a world hell-bent on relying only on cold, hard fact.

Now I'm not saying that fact is the problem here - quite the opposite actually. The problem is relying on only once source of information when the world has so rapidly modernised in such a short space of time. To my knowledge, never has a revolution unfolded at such a rate in time - the last one hundred years is an infallible indicator of such a revolution. I feel, that we need to combine that which is past with the present. To remember how a persons mind (children in particular) needs to be cultivated towards growing respectfully in it's regard for life, while showing them how to survive in a time, when not many of our younger generations even know or understand how life works in the first place, or of the vast array of heritage they come from.

Schools do their best under the circumstances. But it is clear that there is only one, over-riding system in place which allows many children (who are this worlds future, remember) to fall through the net - unenlightened and without an education at all. The teachers who run their classrooms instinctively, and not 'rigidly or by the book' are the next generations best hope - they spend a lot of time with our children. Ultimately though it is our responsibility, as parents, as aunts and uncles, as members of our community to pass on the real knowledge out there and mix it with the facts that each of us have discovered for ourselves. 

'One mans fact is another mans deliberation' 

Even Einstein felt let down by his only education way back in the 19th century. His salvation was his own, self-assured and enquiring mind. I know this has gone off on a tangent, but it's relevant to storytelling - trust me.
If we only teach our child to think from someone else's perspective then they will unlearn how to think for themselves. What storytelling does is expand the mind. The story is told but it is not dictated. And it leaves open enough room for the mind of the listener or reader - to cultivate an opinion based on imagery and thought all of their own. It's important to allow this to happen. A mind can only grow if it is permitted to and that is why a world of fact only is dangerously crushing to imagination and inspiration - these things develop our characters, our confidence, our out-looks and indeed our actions.

Where is the light I hear you say? Well it is this. I have recently come across many people who are leading the way in the scientific field. Science? Isn't that all cold and hard fact? Yes, it is. But recently (and in conjuction with Einsteins/Tesla's original endeavours) these modern day Quantum Physicists and Biologists to name but a few - are looking at the human mind and body as much more than just static vessels. They are delving into a new world where spirit, mind and body exist on levels that have never been dared explored before.

If this new way of thinking has a chance to work it's way into our societies, if those of us that will only trust the word of someone with a PHD or some level of fame. Then what these scientists are beginning to uncover may just be enough to prove that not only does the mind have a mind of its own, but that it also needs to be gently grown from birth and developed by the stories which open them in the first place. That imagination has as much place in our world as food or money or fact. That storytelling can teach us as many important values in life, all life - as learning about the real world, the modern world, the world that we see with our eyes.

The old art of storytelling developed compassion and understanding. It taught people to care about life, it taught people about cause and effect. More importantly it taught people about consequence and love.

I really hope that this old way has turned full-circle and that now, in the 21st century which is filled with huge slabs of stony facts - that we are able to gel the two together and keep this wonderful life balanced and in harmony.

If all you do today is look up one story that means something to you, your generation, your custom or culture - do it, but remember to pass it on too :)


  1. An interesting little epistle, but very true

  2. Thanks John - Does that make me either an activist, or an Apostle maybe? :)


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