Why Reading is important for the child.

Why Reading is important for the child.


The mind of a child can be much like a blank canvas. It has all the potential to create, yet what you scribe upon it's white and unspoiled face can determine how that creativity is exressed,written, interpretated and grown. 

It can be a huge responsibilty to make sure we point them in the right direction. But it is essential we take the time to do so while letting them be their own guides, learning at their own pace, choosing that which resonates deepest within them, and then, stepping back enough so as not to influence them with our own choices.


So, what should they read?


Einstein knew that to cultivate a child, in every aspect of their being that it was essential to build their imaginations. Through this exploration of many weird and wonderful realms, a young mind is able to develop many skills and opinions formed on the ability to perceive our own world in many different ways. Even as adults, many of us will still refer to books that influenced our role -play and time spent alone, making up games while digging in the mud...talking to characters who we believed to be real.

This is purely my opinion, but I honestly feel that reading books such as The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit, Enid Blytons Folk of the Far away Tree, Alice in Wonderland....and many, many more - enhances the child within us at times when being an adult can become quite a benign experience.



This should be your only influence. 


Children love to emulate a parent, but once you have read to them all those stories which you built your childhood wonder around...it's then time to let them choose. 


'Put them on the path - but do not walk it for them'





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