Why write?

So why do I write? That's like asking anyone who loves the sound of pen to paper, finger-tip to pad - why they breathe.

Primarily, I do it because my over-engaged brain will not let me have it any other way. Something as simple as a crack in a concrete pavement will conjure an idea or image for me to use, or a sudden sound that takes me more than a moment to locate can evoke an emotion or train of thought - all in all, literally anything inspires me, daily, never ceasing...over and over!

The passion behind my desire to write comes from the sensation of being infinite. Finite for me is not an option. Day to day life does that very well for most all by itself. To be immersed in any reality (or alternative) where boundaries and limitations do not exist has an allure that I honestly could not do it justice in explaining.

Imagine being behind your own destiny as a warrior or king, running free in Dystopian or Apocalyptic worlds where the sanctity of both men and animal relied on your courage and wits alone. A world where love was abundant, and full of plentiful serendipity that could re-write even Shakespeares literary masterpieces. Even the tragedies would be heartfelt - and the ending...well that would be as heroic or destitute as you felt fit.

It's not a control thing for me - to write. More that I enjoy the surprise of the journey whilst doing it. I usually have a plan. A beginning, middle and end, yet often as I zone out from all the distractions around me and tune in to a place that I cannot see but know is there...the plot twists and outcomes I'd previously assumed become as much of a surprise to me as they will the reader.

Again, I digress to Bastian, in the attic, reading the stolen book and totally transfixed in a new world, lost from the world he is physically sat in.

I also enjoy the discipline and routine of writing (believe it or not) because it brings a little magic into each day. I don't think I have ever suffered from writers block - only from the afflictions of limited understanding and use of good grammar and punctuation. You may have noticed many a written faux-pas throughout this blog. (I do let my wonderful editor have some time off you know!) But even learning a little, day by day brings me joy, although the odd 'telling' instead of 'showing' still creeps in from time to time.

There are probably many more reasons I could add to the above, and perhaps sometime soon I will - but for now I will leave you with this:

Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual.

- Ernest Hemingway 


  1. Lovely to drop by and see your blog - great name by the way. Glad to connect


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