Working versus - The Creative Mind

 I'm going to be brutally honest. Trying to run a home as a single parent, with a dog who thinks she is also human and a kamikaze cat who attempts to trip you up or down the stairs (in the dark usually as trying to cut down on electric) is an art form in itself.

Add a full-time job to that and you have super-hero stamped on your fore-head. But, and it's a big but...when you are attempting to tune that little voice inside your head, (No, not the insidious one!) when you are trying your hardest to put that voice into print, swirling all the plot twists around inside your creative mind and hopefully adding that ocean of excitement to a newborn tale, going to work feels like taking a sword to the chest.

Now, I will expand on this. I love my job. I am priviledged. I teach drama to a wonderful array of gifted and amazing students. I also have the best boss in the world...but there comes a time in all of us writers when the only thing you really have time to do - is write!

You, well I, have reached the point where I am ready to say ta'ta to the old 9-5 paradigm. Bon voyage my friend, adieu, adieu - parting is such sweet sorrow...My ship is ready to leave for the New World, the World of Writing, the undiscovered No-Mansland. There's just one problem with that, apart from the fact I cannot yet sail - or navigate. I have a family and home to run. Only my current paradigm will support that. So, how, in reality - do I find a way to set sail in the first place?

I will tell you. The hours before work I spend on social media. Then it's the school run, walking the dog. Work slips in somewhere. And, when my brain is quite numb from all that wonderful stimulation I find time to construct characters and worlds, research myth and legend, until my eyes finally retreat like an AWOL legionnaire, and bury themselves somewhere inside my skull.  Which leaves about four minutes and 28 seconds to send out submissions. I know what you are saying - that girl has too much time on her hands! Well I will correct you. 

I do not have enough time. But like a magician, that time must be found if you are hell-bent on succeeding. 

Having spoken to other writers through such agencies as the brilliant SCWBI, there are not many who are considered lucky enough to just throw in the towel of life and only write.

The key is to work as hard as you possibly can, give it everything all of the time...but also find a balance.

Luckily for me, writing is a reprieve of the normal grind. I actually love doing it and recently, I even have to admit that I've begun to truly enjoy the editing process that's a new one on me. I guess what I am trying to say is - find that elusive balance but keep sane while doing what you have to do. There is no easy way to transcend from one lifestyle to another without the blood and sweat it requires. If you have the opporunties and abundance to swap - then do it, be brave and make the change, life is better spent if it is not made of regret.

For the rest of us, just keep going. We all have an emotional six-pack which although, well hidden, will keep the truest of writers doing what they love, even while slowly going grey around the edges.

Have a good day everyone and remember to smile. Your dream could be only one step away.


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