Aishe. The Clan Prophecy

This is the ancient prophecy of the Imoogi - a wingless serpentine. Indigo is the last in line of the great Imoogi Dragons. She is unaware of her ability to shape-shift now that her seventeenth birthday is upon her, she is even less aware of the curse and it's burden.


“Upon the Lowland plain,
And high winds breath at sea,
A tale ago forgotten,
And buried well it be…

Of curse and lies once told,
A spreading blackness we…
Could do no-thing so bold for,
That sent the clans to flee.

Until such time doth rise,
When eyes once more can see,
And a girl near grown, who’s past,
Is as present as is she.

A freedom must be fought,
And the curse broke for a fee,
Come forth the wingless shifter,
Make swift our victory.”


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