A little bit of serendipity. Short and sweet...


The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way:a fortunate stroke of serendipity’

Well that’s what the Oxford dictionary says anyway... I however think of serendipities – as the way of life we refer to as ‘being jammy’.

Of course, that is open to subjection/objection, maybe even rejection, but if we all look back on our lives I think we will all be surprised to notice just how many serendipitous situations we’ve encountered.

As an ‘oh so patiently waiting to be discovered’ author – I simply have to believe in serendipity. Yes, a lot of hard work, dedication and creative talent are essential if your dreams are to be realised in the literary mine-field (and lots of editing, re-writing and killing of characters). But tucked away in the back of all our consciences (especially those who strive in the ‘arts’) there is a certain amount of reliance on that 'happy-luck' to per-chance them, like a golden light which shines favourably from the heavens and brings with it that ‘ah-ah aaaah’ moment. Why? Because there is no way of knowing or reasonably influencing your success, the easy way. Luck, I believe has a lot to do with it, as is timing and more so – being in the right place at the right time. And of course for true moments of unexpected luck and benefit to happen your way - you have to fight the urge to influence what could already be on its way to you. You never know when you may encounter a 'sliding doors' moment otherwise.

You see, being creative helps somewhat to lift the veils of convention. “You make your own luck.” “Why don’t you get a real job?” “There’ll be millions of books just like yours out there already!”  

But sometimes, with the veil gone, stark reality punches you in the face, usually in the form of the opinions of those around you, but as you, who are a fully committed serendipity believer, you’ll need to make your own choices despite the oppostion – continue to believe in the fairytale and let nothing or no-one stop you – EVER! Or, you do the walk of shame and apply to McDonalds for a life-time supply of greasy hair, spotty student colleagues who talk about Jeremy Kyle, and the guaranteed BMI of a tank.

I have serendipity stamped on me somewhere (or is that 666?) and no matter how disheartened my endeavours sometimes make me, no matter how long it takes me to reach my final destination of wood-pulped, wordy goodness with a blurb on the back about how I love Unicorns and still believe in Father Christmas – I will carry that lovely word and its joyous meaning around with me until my heeled boots are replaced with a zimmer frame and I need help to visit the toilet.

Do you think we make our own luck? Or, like me, do you think that the laws of attraction, the higher-plan of our vast and unchartered universe and all life in it – give us a gentle ‘surprise’ every now and then?

Take a look into your past and let me know if you find a little serendipity hiding in the shadows somewhere...


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