Playing around with Ideas to make Asgourer Awakes more visually engaging! (P.S I'm a bit crap at this stuff - but you've got to start somewhere.)

So, my next aim is to begin using Facebook as a more interactive means of gaining feedback for my novel: Asgourer Awakes.

I'm on the road of discovery in so many ways, more often, facing the wrong way or stuck in a ditch somewhere
- but the point is I keep putting one foot in front of the other and have my destination firmly in my sights. (Some arse keeps moving the goal posts though...)

After having completed (or so I thought) my first YA Fantasy Novel nearly 6 months ago - I still find myself adjusting it, unable to let it be and now that it's nearly finished, I want to bring it to life.

This tech stuff really is quite alien to me, in fact, I think alien interaction would feel much more natural to me, than this. But I'm going to do it anyway and that's where you come in...

Once I have the Asgourer Awakes page up and running, I will attempt to add text to the images I find represent my novel best. I have no idea regarding internet image copyright - so if you are reading this and want to send me to prison for mis-use... I plead ignorance right now (I really am quite ignorant).

You can help me. Tell me off for doing something wrong, or be nice and point me in the right direction. You can encourage, critique, even offer useful advice - it will all be welcome.

Just don't stay silent. Silence is not always golden as is figuratively percieved.

Cheers ducks - here's my first bungle: 



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