Synopsis: Thicker Than Blood

Thicker Than Blood


Within the consciously evolved realm of Asgourer lies nine kingdoms, once home to the creator of all life. It has since fallen to a darkness stirred by the treacherous hand of Lord Enil who spreads his lies like a plague. It is said that Asgourer gave life to the myths and legends which washed upon our shores, but now destruction and chaos reign and its men, women and beasts have been enslaved or slaughtered by the Asterions and Insidions, who act as his Sentries. By their hand, chaos sweeps far beyond Asgourer’s boundaries.

Indigo Moriarty and Burgess have no idea of the secrets they both carry or of the terrible danger that is pursuing them. Unknown to them, they are being called home.
An ancient spiritual ritual is performed by Indigo's aunt, Aishe, and the teenagers find themselves lost in one of the nine kingdoms that lie within Asgourer. Aramea was a once abundant land scattered with salty lakes, now baron and dying. It is home to many wandering bands of young shape shifters, warlocks and witches, but here their talents grant them no grace as they also become the hunted.
Indigo and Burgess need to find friends quickly. A dark and bloody war is coming and only the mystics and sages of Optamia, found high in the snow covered mountains of Himadri, can unravel who they really are.
But they must choose their paths and their friends wisely; because once their true selves are awakened...they can never return home.


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