Goodbye Facebook -- I'd like my life back please...

Finally, I have made the decision to re-take control of MY life.

This summer spells the beginning of many changes for me, a kind of 'face the fear and do it anyway' summer; a summer that as it unravels, appears to be challenging me inextricably.

My first 'fear' was to cut my hair off, ten inches, one for each of the ten worst years now successfully put behind me. I had contemplated chopping my head off initially but soon realised that my goals would be short-lived and quite unhistorical with only a torso and legs. It may seem a very insignificant first goal to some, but to me it was symbolic of phenomenal liberation on many levels.

I also recently went to a small festival on my own, again -- nothing too stressful or magnificent and certainly not comparable to skydiving on the back of a Unicorn. However, as much as I am a little social faerie who loves to be around people, watching and drinking in the symbiotic ambiance and harmony that nature and people and music represent when combined... for me to be totally alone in a public place with no-one to speak to, felt like a big deal. It was a big deal and it did feel a bit like stepping on a molehill only to find out it WAS a mountain, but I did it and guess what? I didn't die.

So, what next?

Well, I have been asked to write a form of memoir, a book that represents all I was, am and will be. A story that is reflective of the girl IN the mask, and out. For ages I wondered who the bloody hell would want to read about a small-town unknown who has never really done anything THAT remarkable, to date. I also wondered  how I would write a book that combined the pro-actions of Eat, Pray, Love, a story of brave, inner discovery and spiritual progression -- with the delusions of the very enigmatic yet feisty,Tracey Beaker...

And then it occurred to me that whilst I was finding my own feet in life, with as much curiosity as Alice and the rabbit hole -- that 'rediscovering' the inner-child may appeal to others who are at a similar stage in their lives and wondering where on earth to begin.

The world has become a very confusing place to live. Slowly, we are losing our need to interact on a physical and sentient level, inevitably this may lead to the human race living in tiny, wi-fi caves with little or no daylight.

Which leads me to fear number three. Goodbye Faceache!

Facebook you have taught me much over the years, connected me with many wonderful and beautiful people that I would never of had the pleasure to speak with -- and you kept me safely wrapped in long-distance hugs, laughter and the odd tear. You healed me Facebook and you gave me your ear without ever complaining, but it IS time to put a lid on all the 'dinner' pics and statuses that make me want to get my ass-broom out. It IS time to not get INVOLVED in issues that I only give a damn about because my phone is stuck to my retina for far TOO MANY hours in the day.

As much as you have become a crutch and a cyber-friend Faceache, and as much as my palms are sweating as I write down my intentions and realise that I am giving up an addiction that has me gripped like a pube in a zipper...

...once this month draws to a close, so will our relationship.

I'm taking back control. I'm going to find a REAL life without having to document every 'shit, shave and shampoo'. Perhaps then I may find the time to write a book which may be of use to someone.

It's possible that I could even find time to skydive with that Unicorn after all.


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